Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano Review

Williams’s digital pianos are designed for upcoming and established musicians who desire the look, feel and sound that come with a fine acoustic piano, along with the features and effects of a digital piano. The Williams Allegro Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano review88-key digital piano follows this tradition closely with its 88 hammer-action, as well as 8 different piano and keyboard sounds that allows you to change sounds whenever you wish. It’s this versatility that makes this model a favorite of many beginner and advanced pianists. And that’s not all, this portable machine also has velocity-sensitive keys, which provides that realistic feel and touch of a full-size piano.

One reason why people go for digital pianos as opposed to their acoustic counterparts is because of the advanced features. And the Allegro does not disappoint; it comes with several demo songs that correspond to each voice, an integrated metronome that has variable tempos, a 2-track recorder where you can record and play back your songs right from the piano, as well as a sustain pedal. All these great features come packed in a very affordable machine. Therefore, you have no excuse of not buying the amazing Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano.

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Product Description of Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano


The Allegro comes with a solid build that perfectly supports its full-sized keyboard, as well as weighted action. It weighs 38.1lbs, which is light enough to be transported with ease.


williams allegro 88-key digital piano

It also comes with an 88-key weighted keyboard that emulates the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. Because of this, it’s ideal for people who are interested in developing their finger strength to be able to play acoustic pianos. Note that

majority of low-priced keyboards usually have a very light touch, hence denying players the chance to develop the needed finger strength.

Additionally, the keys are velocity-sensitive, which is an added advantage because they allow you to determine the sound you produce by altering how you play.

Generation of Sound

Considering that the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano is an entry level model, the sound it generates from the eight diverse sampled voices is simply amazing. In fact, when compared with other pianos in the same category that are quite williams allegro 88-keyexpensive, it offers great value for its price tag.

The eight voices produced by this model include, strings, church organ, upright bass, rock/jazz organ, electric piano 1, electric piano 2, piano 1 classical and piano 2 pop. Other than these, you also get to enjoy effects such as chorus, reverb, as well as sound layering. Therefore, should you get bored or tired during practice sessions, just take a break and have some real fun.

It also comes with 64-note polyphony to make sure that you can play quick, dense music passages without running out of notes.

This piano may not have external amplification, but you need not to worry because it has 2 integrated speakers (10W each), which ensures that you get the best sounds.


The Williams Allegro 88-key has a sustain pedal (optional), which provides you with more control of the note length, just like in acoustic pianos.

Controlswilliams allegro 88-key

It also comes with discrete, clear-cut controls above the keyboard, which are very handy when it comes to selecting or altering the instrument settings, as well as recording and playback.

Recording and Auto-play

With an integral 2-track recorder, you can record your song, and play it back to gauge your vocal strength. The integrated metronome also helps in keeping to a specific tempo.

As if that’s not enough, this piano comes with demo songs to show off the ability of every voice it offers. How amazing!


· Has a similar feel to an acoustic grand piano.

· It has a straightforward control panel.

· Have excellent weighted keys, similar to a real piano.

· Has a very realistic, electric keyboard.

· Produces realistic sound, which is great considering its affordable price.


· The manual isn’t very clear in explaining some aspects of the piano.

· When in the multi voice setting, the polyphony somewhat fades away. This problem is however not experienced in a single voice mode.

· The inbuilt speakers aren’t the best; but you can improve the sound by connecting them to an exterior audio output.

Overall, the amazing versatility, sound, cost, and advanced features of the Williams Allegro 88-Key, makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a portable, reliable and affordable digital piano.

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